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Welcome to Influence Network Media

We provide publishing & promotional services to non-fiction authors who write business books.

About Us

When Melanie Booher and Jodi Brandstetter decided to become non-fiction business authors, they needed help with publishing and production of our books as well as promoting our books for success. They could not find anyone who had experience with publishing and promoting non-fiction business books.

They both found a way to make their books successful and navigate the business promotions world! They want to share their knowledge as well as failures so that you have a successful book launch. And that is how Influence Network Media was created!

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What We Do

We provide courses, coaching, and VIP concierge services to help authors write, publish and promote their book.  

Our offerings include:

  • Multi-author Book Opportunities where you only need one chapter, bio and headshot to become an Amazon Best Selling Author!
  • Solo Book Opportunities where we provide the tools (Courses), the guides (Coaching) or everything¬†but the writing of the book (VIP Concierge).